Thursday, September 3, 2009

DDC Day 31: The D&D Pool

We got off to a late start so we caught the 4pm shift at the D & D Pool. Which is part of the Thomas Greene Playground on which occupies the Block from Douglas to De Graw Streets between 3rd Ave and Nevins St. (Hence the nickname D&D Pool).

Ya know, people say that the Red Hook Pool is in an industrial part of town. They should go to the D&D Pool. The Red Hook Pool has a fitness center and is surrounded by ball fields and a track. The Back of the D&D Pool faces a dump truck parking lot and on the way home we even stopped at a marble slab factory to look at a possible table top for my son's friends Mom.

The pool rules, as usually were enforced to a T. But before I list the things that we were specifically asked to do, I need to point out that when we go to the pool at 4:30 there was only 1 other person in (or near) the water.

The total amount of swimmers in the hour that we were thew was about a quarter the amount of NYC employees there. There were at least 5 lifeguards, 5 "park security" staffers, 2 locker room attendants in each locker room , about 5 park dept maintenance workers and a Police Officer. Everybody had nothing to do. So they enforced these rules:

  • My T-Shirt, was white. But the front had a picture of the sea lions and the logo of the Bronx Zoo. I had to turn it inside out to enter the facility.
  • I could not carry my towels onto the pool deck in a cloth sack, they made me put the sack in a locker.
  • I showed them my lock. However they did not see the lock in the hand of the women I came with. They guards started yelling her. However she does not hear very well so she kept walking. I thought they were gonna physically stop her. Then they made her walk in a big loop because she walked in the exit.
  • Our kids stepped around a short wall to go in the kiddy pool. Becky and I stood on a concrete bench to see where they were. All three lifeguards blew their whistles at us to get off the bench. Again, she did not hear the whistles. There was almost a panic in the world or rules.
It is no fun to be treated like a criminal for everyday normal activities. It made me think of all the minor crimes I got away with as a kid. I was always polite when I got caught and never got in trouble. I also did not "look" like a criminal. I do not meet the "profile" of a bad guy.

No more profiling at City Pools. All rules. All the time.

Pool Rules

Photo of Swimming Pool rules sign

New York’s 54 outdoor pools are great places for summer fun and active recreation. Each summer over one million visitors learn to swim, keep fit, make friends, and beat the summer heat.

For everybody’s health, safety, and protection, we ask our guests to observe the following rules:

  • Bathing suits must be worn on the deck and in the water. Men’s bathing suits must have mesh linings. Hats may be worn on the deck for sun protection but are not allowed in the water. Plain white T-shirts may be worn over bathing suits if desired. Sneakers are not permitted. Rubber flip flops or water shoes are permitted.
  • No urinating or defecating in the pools.
  • Children under 16 must be at least eight inches taller than the maximum water depth to enter the pool without adult supervision. Specific height requirements are posted at every pool.
  • No person will be permitted in the pool having: skin lesions, sores, or inflamed eyes, mouth, nose, or ear discharge, carrying communicable disease or having any type of bandage, adhesive tape, etc., on their body.
  • All bathers must take a shower in the locker room before entering the pool.
  • Patrons must provide and use their own padlock. No responsibility is assumed for lost articles. A standard master or combination lock is recommended. Small luggage locks are not permitted.
  • The use of swimming aids, water toys, and flotation devices is prohibited.
  • Electronic equipment, including radios, cameras, and cellular phones, is not allowed on pool deck.
  • Eating or drinking is permitted only in designated areas. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Beach chairs, baby strollers, bags, blankets, or beach balls are not permitted on the pool deck. We will make our best effort to secure strollers.
  • Follow the directives of lifeguards, Parks staff, and the police.
  • Ball playing, running, jumping, using profane language or other forms of disruptive and disorderly behavior are prohibited.
  • No diving, except in designated areas.
  • No smoking, pets, or glass bottles permitted.
  • Books and bound periodicals are permitted on the pool deck. Newspapers are not


  1. I don't understand why a newpaper isn't allowed? the cellphone ban is a bit scary for people who depend on them, or emergencies!
    I dont' own a cellphone but they do come in handy

  2. It seems like there was a better way for the staff to act, but in terms of carrying out the rules, do you realize that you're really just asking for preferential treatment?

    If the lifeguards excused you from the rules because you didn't look like a "bad guy" (what do bad guys look like, again?) that would really be something worth complaining about.

    The rules are strict, but they wouldn't be that way unless past problems had necessitated them. It might make sense to wish that the staff could be more judicious with their enforcement, but that could be asking for new kinds of trouble- I'm perfectly OK with the rules for everyone, all the time, plan of attack.

  3. I understand there used to be lots of gang activity at the pools. Hence only white T-Shirts.

    Newspaper pages can blow around.

    Cellphones should be banned in more places.


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