Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race Report: I did Queens (and feel fine now).

My memory of the Queens Half Marathon is not a happy one. in 1999 I learned a hard lesson. If you have to use the porta-potty more than 3 times before a race starts, you should not run. I figured I would survive 13.1 miles with the "nothing in, nothing out" mantra. Not so good. By mile 9 I was wobbly and dying of thrust, and I puked my brains out at mile 10. I walked to the finish line only because that was were my car was and had to give my keys to a team mate to drive home.

I am smarter now (no comments please). Today's race was perfect. First of all I wanted to maintain a sub 10 minuted per mild pace. The NYRRC clocked me at 2:09:16 a 9:52 per mile. pace. Nice. But, better yet was the fact that I felt good the whole way. Everything below the knee on my right leg has been giving me problems. Not today!

I thought the new (to me) course was a lot of fun. 10 years ago I remember a lot of long straight roads, through industrial Queens and alongside highways. No straightaways today. I have never run a race with more turns per mile (I am not complaining). I totally lost track of when we were heading east, till I turned into that low 8am Sun. We got to see a lot of new homes not being built and a lot of renovations on McMansions.

I really like that surprise hill at mile 12.5. Aahahah. What fun.

Next week, Tune Up!

Oh and one of my teammates asked "What college is College Point about?" According to Wikepedia "College Point was named for St. Paul's College, a seminary founded in 1835 by the Rev. William Augustus Muhlenberg. The college closed circa 1850, but the name stuck. Former names include Lawrence's Neck, Tew's Neck, Flammersberg, and Strattonsport."


  1. Yay, way to exceed your goal!!!

    And, yeah, "surprise!" hill at mile 12.5 was the greatest (*sarcasm*)!

  2. whoa! that's so amazing! congrats on your great times!


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