Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No, my leg is not broken.

I thought it might have been. Not broken in the classic sence but a stress fracture. I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for a few years and the last few months I have had a really annoying shin splint.

I have had shin splints many times in the past. They usually come and go during a race. The last few weeks I have had pain all the time, mostly during the first few miles of a run. I rally thought I has something worse.

Last night my coach said "Check it out' So I did. I saw Dr Gregg Rock. I went to him because I was told he is the kind of doctor who understands that I do not want to be told to stop running.

With that said, I actually had an anxiety attack on the subway ride to his office. I am so not prepared to be told I have a stress fracture.

When we met we first had a conversation. He first asked me who referred me. I told him a friend who is a tri-athlete. He asked me if I was one too. No, I am a marathoner, I am running the NYC Marathon on November 1, I ran a half marathon two days ago. I told him I thought I might have a stress fracture. Before he even examined me he said "No, you can't run through a stress fracture."

I knew I could not run with a stress fracture. He saw my panic. I thought he was telling me (based only on my description of the pain) that I had a stress fracture and had to stop running. He realized instantly that I misunderstood him. He was telling me that if I had a stress fracture I could not have run 13.1 miles.

So I have really bad shin splints and will probability get custom orthodontics after the marathon


  1. WOW --VERY HAPPY WITH THE news that you just have posterior tendonitis (or whatever the scientific term for shin splints)--that is true --you would not have been able to run 13.1 milesif you had a tibial stress ice, stretching...we runners are bad patients. I have had bad foot pain for 6 weeks (bone bruise but not a stress fracture)and Mr. Dr. said to treat my inury symptomatically --run very little (on grass and trails -lol) until it does not hurt -but he knows better than to tell runners to completely rest...

  2. But why do you need orthodontics for running? Do your teeth bang together while you are running? ;-)

    (I'm glad you are able to be in the marathon.)


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