Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We just watched The President's Address to Students

President Obama gave an appropriate pep talk. I don't know why anybody should complain. Maybe it should be a tradition.

I wonder what Richard Nixon woulda said as I entered 4th Grade


  1. i didn't see the speech but I don't understand why people were bent out of shape about it. From what I understand 2 Republican Presidents did the same thing, so, why the uproar over Obama?

  2. It was actually a very conservative speech.

  3. It was a great speech, it said everything every parent says to their kids before the first day of school. "I know you can do it, do your best so you can be the best" I've said that to my kids a lot. From an Canadian looking in? Parents being upset over this? crazy

  4. Michael, I cannot image what some people
    were thinking about not listening to our
    president's speech. It was inspirational,
    and not only for students but for all
    people, of any age..
    I do not recall a president giving such a
    speech to school children, it should be
    viewed again during the school year, to give
    the students a pep talk...
    I had to wipe my eyes several times upon
    listening to it.... Love Ya, Mom

  5. Just watched the speech... I thought he did a good job on it


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