Friday, October 2, 2009


Look at the sign I saw on a closed up storefront on Livingston Street, near Flatbush Ave. There is also police tape that says "A crime is being committed". It was not till I got home and actually typed the URL on the bottom that I realized it was just an ad for the new Michael Moore movie. Duh.

But It did make me think. I remember back when Regan introduced the phrase "trickle down economy". I did not get it. Like if some robber baron gets to buy a mansion and two yachts that gonna be good for me. Maybe there are more jobs for people cleaning yachts.

Well now the robber baron had to sell one of his yachts. The yacht cleaners can't buy any more 99 cent stuff so this store on Livingston Street is now available. I guess less is trickling down.

Also what is the big deal with illegal aliens being able to buy into the new government run health insurance. THEY HAVE TO BUY IT. It is not a freebie. It is not like we are giving them subsidized gasoline. The next thing FOX news is gonna do is complain that we don't have to show proof of citizenship to buy a postage stamp.

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