Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The New Times Square

Maybe I am old school, but I miss the Old Times Square. The replaced my favorite giant dildo store with a Disney outlet shop.

It also kinda figures that there is a giant billboard for Jay Leno over the New 42nd St sign. He is about as exciting as Parade Magazine.

Ya used to have to watch out for traffic on Broadway.

Now we have a place for tourist to sit. And Police horses to poop.

We even have pedestrian safety {officers}. You gonna tell me when to walk. I am a Newyorker get outta my way. I spoke to one of the Pedestrian Safety {officers}. I asked him who he works for? He said he is privately contracted by the Times Square Alliance. He is not a Police officer, "but most of us are retired cops. We know who things work". Maybe.

The real danger is those hybrid cars that don't make any noise. That is how I am gonna go.

But I did see one sign that always makes me smile (no relation).


  1. All the gentrification stuff kind of dilutes the flavor. Loved the photos!


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