Saturday, October 10, 2009

Open House NY

This weekend is Open House NY, a chance to go behind the scenes and get tours of the mostly closed gems of New York City. I got a late start and will be busy tomorrow so I attempted a quick tour of 3 places.
We got to Grand Central to late to sign up, but I think I can grab a self guided tour on my own.

We walk across the street to the Chrysler Building at got a good look at the lobby. If you take away the Art Decco from the Lobby you wont have anything left.

Then we went uptown to the High Bridge Water Tower. Before the tunnels that brought drinking water into NYC there was an aqueduct. It can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the college to the left. This water tower was part of a pumping station.

This was one of those places that I drove by a gazillon times and always wanted to visit. Today I did. Soon the Bridge itself will open to the public so we can walk and bike ride to the Bronx. Nice.


  1. Wonderful photos, I love the view! Thanks for sharing and for checking out my blog.

  2. Having special days set aside for "rare" tours is a great idea. Thanks for giving us a great sampling!

  3. Makes me long for a weekend in the City.

  4. Beautiful photos and lucky you to have such nice places to visit. Enjoy your biking when that bridge opens soon! Nice shots!

  5. NIce captured! Thanks for sharing your town!

  6. Interesting shots of somewhere I have never been.


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