Sunday, October 11, 2009

Race Report: Staten Island Half (Update)

I had mixed feeling about running the Staten Island Half. Should I race 13.1 miles or do what I am supposed to do and run 20 at marathon pace. Well I did both.

I got to the start an hour early, checked my bag and ran out and back on the course for 7 miles. There were at least a thousand other out there running a significant warm up before the Half.

I got back to the start with about 9 minutes on the clock. That was perfect because I did not have to stop or deal with any crowds. I also got to spend the next 13 miles passing people, that is always nice.

I finished in 2:21.01 and looked so good they even called my name when I finished. 10:45 pace for 13.1 miles after running 7. That is a 4:42 marathon. My last mile, my 20th mile was in 10:20.

I am so ready.


  1. Congrats! Nice to see you had a smooth last long run before the marathon!

  2. Awesome! You ARE ready.

  3. Congratulations! I'm afraid I'd be one of those you ran past. I'm a pleasure-walker! :)

  4. Congrats, I really admire marathan runners. I am lucky to do brisk walking. My neice did the 1/2 Baltimroe marathan this past weekend.


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