Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm toot'n my own horn!

Today I finished the Staten Island Half Marathon. I preceded the race by running 7 extra miles. The NYC Marathon is in 3 weeks and I thought 13.1 miles would be a waist of time today.It was the last in a series of Half Marathons the New York Road Runners has in each borough.

Last mouth I ran the Queens Half in College Point. It was fun. but many people missed the start because shuttle buses don't really work for as many people who needed them. Maybe they will move the race to Flushing Meadow next year. There is a giant parking lot at City Field and it has the 7 Train.

The Brooklyn Half was in the Spring. I loved the new "reversed course" I always thought finishing at the beach was the way to go.

The Bronx Half was back in February. I am glad it is in the winter now. There was nothing worse than the Grand Concourse in July. A death march.

This year is was so cold for the Manhattan Half in January that the post-race bagels were frozen.

Every year for the past 15 I tried to finish the half marathons in each of the borough. (I did it in 2000) . I don't want to make that a priority any more. I miss other races that I have always wanted to run. I had fun today, but I would have rather been at the Bed-Sty 10k. Next year for that.

But, I am pleased with myself today.


  1. congrats! if i could even run half of a half of a half marathon, I'd be happy.

    Also, I left you an award on my blog!

  2. Toot away!

    You did very good. Although we call it a "Personal Best" it is good to get an "ATTA BOY" once in a while.

  3. Nice job with the whole Grand Prix! That's one of my goals for next year... hope I come out of it as pleased as you!


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