Friday, October 30, 2009

What does this mean: 30% Chance of showers (update)

I need more information. Does this mean

  • That it will rain 30% of the day on Sunday?
  • That it will rain in 30% of they forecast area?
  • That there is a 30% chance that it will rain at all on Sunday.
I need more fuckin information.

I am running a god damm marathon in Sunday. I don't give a shit how much in rains after I start running but I gotta get to Staten Island at 6:30 fuckin AM and I don't start running till 10:20.

I feel a little better now.

Dad, I know there is no take-backs on the Internet. This is who I am.

This tomorrow's forecast as of Saturday.

I feel much better. Much better

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  1. It means that given all the various parameters known when they are ready to do the predicting of weather, that 30% of the time it rained on a day like this. So option 3) is the right one:

    "30% chance that it will rain at all on Sunday".

    Maybe it should instead say "70% chance of no rain."

    I hate it too.

  2. oh tell me about it, while I might get that it had a 30% chance of raining at all, they never seem to meet my need of telling me the predictions for the actual hours I need it for.

    they always say: "early in the day.. this, and late in the day.. that.."

    My question is.. just whose particular day do these fools think they addressing?


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