Thursday, October 29, 2009

ING NYC Marathon Expo

This is the 17th year in a row I picked up my number for the NYC Marathon. (Click this for last years expo blog.) The Expo has evolved a lot. We used to fit into a Midtown hotel, then I had a chance to enter the New York Colosseum. For a few years it was on a seemingly abandoned pier over the Hudson River. (Then cruse ships returned to NYC and unabandoned it.) It seamed to permanently move to The Jacob Javits Convention Center (except for 2001 when Javits was busy.)

But going to the Expo is really a lesson in progress. Today it struck me how much things have changed.

After I got my bib I paused to pack it into my backpack. Suddenly I was an object for a photographer. She asked if she could take my photo for the NYRR Blog. I said sure if I can take your photo for my blog. Here she is. I don't think I made it to her blog. But I will keep checking.

Speaking of Blogging, at the expo I met my friends Frank and Emmy or should I say Rundangerously and ctmarathoner.
This is a picture of Emmy taking a picture of Frank and myself. After the Expo we wet for a very good beer at The Ginger Man

It reminded me that I have to drink more beer. Good beer. But not on a stomach only filled with Power Bar samples.

Another thing has changed about racing. We used to drink cups of water that were filled from fire hydrants. I thought this was a pretty efficient system. Now we have water pumped out of the ground in Maine, put in plastic bottles and trucked to NYC. At the expo they have the nerve to brag about how some of the bottles might be collected and recycled. None of them needed to be made in the first place.

Don't get me started on bottled water. The most decadent thing I ever do is open a bottle of water and dump it on my head.


  1. Ahh, I miss the sights and sounds of the Expo this year. The closest I got to running this year is this little web quiz. Fun and silly but not nearly as great as the real thing. Good Luck to you.

  2. Hope to see it for myself next year. Damn that lottery.

  3. Chris, Remember if you do get in via the lotter 3 years in a row you always win the 4th time.


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