Monday, November 2, 2009

I was a Goofy Tourist Today

Look out the window, there I am outside the set of the Today Show. I put a little red box around myself.

To see the entire segment look here. I went down to Rockefeller Center to get on live TV so I could show my Mom my medal. She saw me looking goofy on TV.

I wore my medal all day today. My neighbors all congratulated me. It was fun to walk around Time's Square and Midtown. So many other marathoners walking around. We were all friends.

It was fun to hang out with the crowd at the Today Show. The best part was a total lunatic with was giving a play-by-play to the action on the set. I asked him if her is there every day. He said "not everyday, but most days." This is him. He gladly posed


  1. You went on the Today show set to show your mom your medal...!? Who's the "lunatic"? No really, I don't think I know ANYBODY like you! My goal now is to enjoy life as much as you do.

  2. great spot, I'll tell all my tourist fares to stand on the far left now. You managed to pull off being in the background without looking like a dork, my favorite person is a guy with a suit and a red tie around 1:37 when she says "at that time when I was involved in the harder drugs and stuff." He salutes the camera, and then, satisfied with his moment on tv, he turns away and heads off to work.

    oh and congratulations on the marathon, I cannot fathom running such a distance.


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