Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's election day?

Three times in the past 2 days I was handed a "Vote for Blooomberg flier". I asked all these nice people the same question. "Is Bloomberg paying you?" They first two said no and told me why they support him. The first gave him credit for making the city safe. I told him that I did not feel any safer than I did 8 years ago. The second said he improved NYC schools. I told her how I felt about data driven education. Test prep, test prep, test prep, test prep, test prep does not make smarter students.

But, today the volunteer told me he has absolutely no opinion of his own about Bloomberg. He just wanted to be involved in the political process. But I insisted that this 17 year old (I asked) must have a reason to campaign for Bloomberg and not Thompson. He actually did have an opinion, he said in this time of economic turmoil we need a person with business skills running this city. I told him that the fact that business people have been running the government is why we are in the economic mess we are in now.

10 years ago I voted against term limits, but I accepted that election. I don't recall voting to repeal term limits. I promise that in 4 years when Bloomberg suspends elections altogether that I will kiss his ring.


  1. 4 more years of this SOB!! I am sooo angry!

  2. ha. oh dear.
    Good that you talked to the 17-year old. I think it's important that kids really question what they are doing.


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