Thursday, November 5, 2009

An interesting little street

There is a lot going on on Prospect Place between 6th Ave and Flatbush Ave. I was actually inspired to check it out by another blog, Save the Slope. That blogger is currently blogging about murals in the Slope. As the street he mentioned is near my polling place I figured I would check it out on Election Day.

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So I took my own photo of the mural at 92 Prospect Place. It musta looked much better when the paint was fresh.

I also found some interesting architecture on the other side of the street. It is hard to tell but they are building something new, but left a significant chunk of old wall just leaning on the building next door!

And then there was this house that is really unique in the neighborhood. You can see clear through to the other side. Unlike most see-through houses, it is totally not abandoned.


  1. Your first pic of the building is very good artistically! Should do that more!!

  2. Hey CU,

    Thanks for being a faithful reader. I see the "mural meme" seems to have jumped out of my brain, and into yours... bwahahahaaaaa....


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