Thursday, November 19, 2009

My regular short run

I like to run down to the edge of Red Hook before going into Prospect Park. That way I get to see the ugly first. Then I can appreciate the beauty that much more. This is my route.


I got new shorts so I got to bring my camera again. Under the El at Smith & 9th Street this Street Couch has been there for at least a few weeks. It is getting accessorized with a little fake radio and and some of its own graffiti. (it says "Fuck Robots") Of course I need to give a shout out to Robert Guskind :(. This is a Street Couch.

Even uglier was this sight on 9th Street. WHERE THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO GO???!!?!?!? Just because you can't find a good spot does not mean you can heave your vehicle onto the sidewalk. NOT FAIR. Please support my friends at My Bike Lane

But is soon get good. Really good. When I reach Prospect Park I appreciate it so much more. This park was created as an escape from urban living. I love it.

When I finished my run I paused atop the Endale Arch. Then I went under the arch. I read that Fredrick Olmstead met Monet in France. He saw his painted landscapes and said I want to do that too. This is the masterpiece he created (for me).


  1. Although I always have a camera I don't always have time to stop. Along the same lines: filming INSIDE the Montauk Club apparently authorizes the movie-makers to place orange cones all along the Lincoln Pl. bike lane.

  2. ah, even more impressed!
    how often do you run this route? It's no wonder you run marathons.

    I have just enough time and energy these days to run 20 minute intervals on the treadmill. It's just shy of two miles. I used to run 2.5-3 miles daily outside.

    Psychologically, I wouldn't be able to run without a routine. Could you?

  3. My routine is .. "I run as much as I can, as often as I can..."


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