Friday, November 20, 2009

What is the deal with this???

I every subway station there is a least one card reader and attached to it is a little box where you are supposed to put your old metrocards. At the 14th Street station on 6th Ave there is a box welded to the turnstile.

This can be used one of two ways

  • You swipe you card to enter the subway and realized you just used your last fare. So you have to take a step backwards and place it in the slot. The people behind you are gonna love that

  • You happen to be in the station and your realize you do not want it anymore. So you have to go right next to the turnstile to discard it. Again the people on their way into the subway are gonna love you
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I don't think it is gonna cut into my MetroCard revenue. I actually had a good day. I walked from 34th Street to the Battery. I found about $12 in cards. But I did not keep them all. At W 4th St. a women was freaking out because she only had an old $2 card. I traded it for a $2.25 card. When I was checking out the new station at Whitehall I watched a tourist from the land of Oblivion use 4 swipes in one a 8 foot high turnstile because he did not know how to go in. I just swiped him in.

It is good Karma. Good MetroCard Karma

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  1. whoa, I'm impressed by your Metrocard finds.
    I'll have to walk more and keep my eyes out, or on the ground for that matter.

    I believe in karma, too. Good for you about helping out others.


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