Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sometimes I Read AM New York

This is the joke AM New York quoted from Jackie Mason:

“People will do anything
if it’s hip,” Mason
said. “That’s so even
if it’s stupid. Look at
texting. Why would
you want to type for
20 minutes when you
could call someone
and say it in two minutes?
If we could only
type and send messages in this
country and another country
could type or call someone, we
would be looked at as the backward

What is so funny about not understanding technology.  Last night I was at a meeting.  While I was speaking I felt my phone vibrate.  I did not stop to look at it.  When I finished my short speech I saw that it was from my wife.  It said "Please buy milk."  It took her 15 seconds to send the text and 2 seconds for me to read it.  A phone call would have taken much longer.


  1. yes! now if only those phones were FREE!and the minutes too!

  2. Sometimes when I send a text to a friend even though what I would have to say would take two minutes, some friends would talk for a long time and I only have a minute or two. It's mean, but it's the truth.


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