Thursday, December 10, 2009

Took 180 kids to The New York City Center to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Well I did not take all 180 kids, but the entire 4 grade from my kids school took the trip together. Each group of 24 had at least 4 adults.  We needed that because we took the subway.

That's right my suburban friends we not only got to see the "masterpiece" of american dance; Revelations on a Thursday morning but we did not burn any fuel to get there.  I love NY.

But I gotta say the show was waisted on me.  I tried, but I just don't appreciate it.  I mean the chirography was complex and it took a lot of planning for people not to crash into each other.  I also think it is cool that the entire performance can be described in a written language so that another dancer can do it without actually having seen it.  But I just don't see the art in it.  I am glad other people do and good for them.

But remember, dear reader;  I am the guy who woke up during the intermission in the Nutcracker and put his coat on.

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