Thursday, December 17, 2009

I grew up in Sheepshead Bay

But, the summer of 1978 I was 15 years old and away for the summer. So I did not really pay attention to the fact that on August 2 1978 6 Firefighters died only a few blocks from my home. It was a Waldbaulm's Supermarket where my mother shoped.

But now that I am 46 years old I see things differently. I happened to be back in Sheepshead Bay and I saw this plaque.

Today it is a Staples.

I am going to list their names because they are the men who would have rushed to my home if there was a fire.

• Lt. James E. Cutillo, Battalion 33;
• Firefighter Charles S. Bouton, Ladder Company 156;
• Firefighter Harold F. Hastings, Battalion 42;
• Firefighter James P. McManus, Ladder Company 153;
• Firefighter William O’Connor, Ladder Company 156; and
• Firefighter George S. Rice, Ladder Company 153.

This is what it looked like on that day in 1978 (photo credit to Steve Spak,

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  1. Around the Winter of 1978, the Waldbaums in my town of Plainview also burned down. It was later rebuilt, and I worked there as Cartboy. Today it's the Fairway on LI. Coincidence? I don't think so.


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