Friday, December 18, 2009

I snuck into the Pierpont Morgan Library today

Yes I snuck in.  It is not like I don't want to support the arts but paying $12 to see the personal collection of some robber-baron was not gonna happen.  So I borrowed a friend's membership card to the Philadelphia Museum and got reciprocated wright in to the door.  Pierpont Morgan collected some cool stuff.  I knew there was some special edition of A Christmas Carole. But, I did not know it was not an edition, it is the document that Charles Dickens wrote with his own hand.  800 Gutenberg Bibles were printed, 150 remain.  Pierpont needed 3 of them.  I took the guided tour.  It was nice but I could have done without the stories about how rich they were.  It kinda icked me out, but I could tell there were people who came there to just worship wealth.

The inside of the building was a treat.  Three very different rooms that were each created to show wealth and power.  But nice to look at.  They REALLY don't let you take pictures.  So I took this one of the outside.  I like how they pained the security camera to match the wall.

Needless to say I did not eat there.

So after I walked down 6th Ave.  The coolest thing was going on.  There is a price war between at least 2 pizzerias.  I had a slice at each one.  NoSoGood.

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