Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nice New Tree Going Up in Front of Broough Hall

The first 3 photos show the tree being lifted into place.  The last 2 show how it looks.  It would be a nice spot for a tree like that all the time.  But ya can't have a real tree (with roots) there.  It is not really the ground.  It is a roof of the Borough Hall Subway Station.

So I was in Borough Hall today because I volunteer there on Tuesdays.  In the Tourism and Visitors Center, in Historic Borough Hall .  Some one came in and asked us when the tree will be lit. Nobody knew.  I googled it.  This is the site that came up Famplosion: Do stuff together.  I wonder how they new and we did not.


  1. Thanks so much for linking to Famplosion! Glad we could help. I don't remember specifically where I found that info but it was probably buried in a borough or city calendar.

  2. Hi sorry for my english (i went only in Brooklyn for a Brooklyn New York tours). These pic are amazing :)!


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