Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Old Brooklyn Fire Headquarters

I have been going to Downtown Brooklyn on a regular basis. Last week I notice the coll map under all the scaffolding at 370 Jay Street and today I took a closer look at another landmark building across the street at 365 Jay Street.  What a mess.  From across the street all you can just see a lot of scaffolding. I guess it is there to protect people from the room that is falling down.

There is a nice plaque.  Most of the graffiti is removed. Below is a photo of what the building looked like in 1910.  It was once proud.

There is a lot of new construction in Downtown Brooklyn.  The neighborhood even has a new name.  It is called MetroTech.  I am not complaining about progress, but there has to be some respect paid to the past.

The screen-shot below is from Old Brooklyn in Early Photographs, 1865- 1929 by William Lee Younger.  I have no idea how to give a proper photo credit, but I did not take that 99 year old photograph.

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  1. I agree -- we must preserve the past. Every era has it's beauty to share, and your 1910 photo proves it. What a neat building!


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