Friday, December 11, 2009

Things are looking good at tha Atlantic/Pacific Ave Subway Station or the Flatbush Ave LIRR Station, whateve you want to call it.

This is the view from inside (looking up).  That is One Hanson Place, it is the tallest building in Brooklyn.  When it was built every tenant was a dentist.  I had my braces installed there.  Now it is residential.  Talk about bad karma.


  1. That building is the one with the clock, right? I heard it was sinking a little bit each year.

  2. Yes, It has four clocks. I did not know abut the sinking part.

  3. It's a DENTIST Michael, a DENTIST!
    The building wasn't filled with a bunch of detest, it was filled with DENTISTS!

    Remind me to whack you in the head next time i see you! That's the 2nd time you have done the detest/dentist thing, grrr!!!!

  4. I don't think that is just a spelling mistake. It is a Freudian thing.

  5. Yes, I agree, I think you have some sort of psychological issue with the whole detest/dentist thing. We will psychoanalyze you soon.


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