Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some thing I saw when I was running today.

Before I even started to run I saw Krishna, Cristin and baby Kieran.  I posted that picture on my the Prospect Park Track Club blog.

There is always something going on in Battery Park and today was no exception.  Solders were systematically spreading wreaths around the Fritz Koening sculptor that used to sit in the World Trade Center Plaza.   It looked like it was part of Walmart's Wreaths Across America Project.  I might disagree with what Walmart is doing,  (I don't think a wreath is the best way to honor our vets, I think the best way to honor them is to end the need for them) but I don't think they should be stopped from doing it.  It is still a nice thing.  I would also honor the truck driver, Walter White who traveled 1,500,000 without an accident.

This got me thinking abut this whole public/private partnership thing.  Last night I had a conversation where I said that I thought that it was kinda weird that Bill Gates can give Billions of dollars to the government, for schools but it has to be spent his way.  I mean don't we elect people to run the government.  They appoint people to make decisions on how things are done.  Buy the person I was talking to (who knows a lot more about how government and charity work than me) explained that the city accepts grants from people who what to help with what the city already decided  to do.  Like if some guy said if will give the city a million bucks if they taught creationism, they would not take it.  That made me feel better, really.

On my return to Brooklyn I saw this sticker on the Brooklyn Bridge.  It got my attention so I will link to their sponsor


  1. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site and for giving me a plug on your blog. It's my little world of opinions, art, music and mischief. I like your views on things. Keep the blog rolling and ALWAYS speak what's on your mind. Take care!

  2. Hmm. If I thought that we could trust the government to make sound choices about how B. Gates' money would be spent then I would agree but B. Gates does have a lot more experience with the educational realm of technology than many members of government. Here, test scores drive our government's decisions on education and B. Gates takes a totally different stance. Sorry, I'm just saying...


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