Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I find lots of stuff, but today was crazy.

Yea I find lost of things. I figure I just pay more attention to my environment than most people. What else would explain that I spotted a $100 bill on the sidewalk on Lexington Ave and saw 3 people step over it and a forth stepped on it before I picked it up. That kinda stuff just happens to me. Yea, I have found cameras, cell phones and real jewelry. I think because I do what ever it takes to get it back to the owner it just comes to me. (BTW, never trust a "lost&found")

About once a year I gather up all the loose change in the house and car and bring it to the local TD bank.  I plop it in the little machine and get enough paper money to buy lunch.  I am never supprised to find some change near the machine.  If a coin is bent or it goes into a little cup on the bottom.  People don't care.

But today I was even shocked.  On top of the machine there was a giant pile of money in the same spot as in the picture above (that I stole from daylife.com).  I plopped it on my scanner.  There is about 13.50 which in now worth about $19.  The rest of the nunismania as an eclectic assortment including a coins from most Central American countries, some unknown Asian nations,  Chuck E. Cheeses, Six Flags and subway tokens, pennies crushed at the Bronx Zoo, toy money, a button ,a screw, a little camera charm, tupence, a loony and a tuney and a token from an old Times Square peep show.  There are also a variety of religious medals.

It looks nice on my scanner....  I separated the Euros so I can give them to next person I know who is going to Euroland.


  1. You lucky bastard!! You found a $100? You taking me to dinner? LOL

    I go to that same bank to put my coins in the machine, I have never found money laying around, wow

  2. What a great post! I am still smiling.

  3. No string attached to the $100 bill so it moves when you reach down to pick it up?

  4. one of the most fun posts i've read!!! and I thought that I was lucky finding a $20 bill in the NYCM...

  5. Maybe the person finally found his/her pockets or purse too heavy. ;) Lucky you.

  6. What a score! My son is a money finder like that. Payphones always have change although it's hard to find a payphone these days. Also, the U-Scans at the store. People are forever getting cash back and then leave it in the dispenser.


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