Friday, February 5, 2010

It smells like snow

and New Yorks Strongest are ready

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That's 2nd Ave and 11th Street.  Looking at the F or G train going over the Culver Ave viaduct.  I don't know where Culver Ave is.  That "El" is so tall because it goes over a draw bridge.  The Smith & 9th Street Subway Station is actually over the drawbridge that goes over the Gowanus Canal.  I don't know why.

Update: Some news from a friend: 

It's actually the Culver Viaduct - no Ave in the name nor any such thoroughfare in Brooklyn to the best of my knowledge. Culver Plaza is now the site of the Aquarium. Andrew Culver created the Prospect Park & Coney Island Railroad. The elevated (formerly BMT) stretch of Culver's line (now the F) was connected to the underground (IND) at Church Avenue in 1954.


  1. I miss Brooklyn! I used to live on 12th street and then on St Marks, after that. Thanks for posting the pic - it makes me nostalgic... of course, I don't really miss stepping off the curb into yucky mush!

  2. Oh what a storm! What a blizzard! How will we ever get out of the house?

    Sheesh, will weather people ever get anything freaking right?????

  3. I think the weather people got it just right. They got us to watch the look at the forecast a lot and we looked at a lot of adds too. That is who they have to please


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