Friday, February 12, 2010

What is this Shit!

Sometimes I forget to think about what I let my kids eat.  I did that last week.  I let my son pick out the ice cream. He picked Friendly's SundaeXtreme Chocolate PeanutButter Cup, probably because of the flashy box. This is what he choose.  After we had some I happened to actually look at the box.  It is not ice cream, it is a "frozen dairy desert." I could deal with "non-dairy" because that might mean it eligible to be eaten with a meat meal if  you are kosher, or lactose intolerant.

But this frozen dairy desert is really crap.  The fifth ingredient is corn syrup and after that there are like 10 things that I don't actually think are food (and I ate pig stomach).

Look at the upper right hand corner of the box.  It say Loaded with the Stuff you love.  Yea, I really love palm kernel oil in my ice cream.

Anyway since is tastes like crap and is made of crap.  I put it in the craper.


  1. totally yucky.. corn syrup.. not real ice cream.. good for you for dumping it.. totally unhealthy.. but the box looked good..

  2. That is some nasty shit in your crapper man...

  3. Awesome blog! Keep it up. We get just as fired up over here in Austin.

  4. nuthing friendly in that box o friendly's. Here in The Netherlands I fell in love with Movenpick

    It's worth the workout.... :)

  5. Nice bathroom photo shoot. Ever consider going into the advertising business?

  6. once you read all the ingredients you really want to stay away from everything not just icecream but we gotta eat somehow....


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