Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art is fun

We were gonna go to MOMA but I heard the lines were crazy long and the weather to good to be indoors.  So I did something I always regret;  I looked at Time Out New York Kids.  The had a list of Art Galleries that would appeal to kids.   We went into the Jonathan LeVine and David Zwirner galleries and were told the same thing "We are changing exibits this week, TONY did not ask us our schedule.  Whatever.

The kids and I wondered into the Tanya Bonadar Gallery and wow did we have a great time.

Bringing a pad and some pencils gets the kids to slow down.

The boy drew this
The girl drew this

We also saw this

A few years ago we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with pads and pencils.  The guards hovered over the kids so that nobody would step on them / trip on them.  But if you took out your cell phone they almost physically threw you out.  I like that.

Then we listened to Boba Fett play the Darth Vader Theam on the accordion

I love living in New York City

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  1. The Tanya Bonadar Gallery seems like a great place
    to bring children, I am glad that you discovered your kids art work.........


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