Sunday, May 2, 2010

Doomsday (NotSoMuch)

I don't think so.  Not in my neck of the woods, anyway.  They just put new papers in the bus stop signs warning us about the new service changes (cuts).

I live where the B69 crosses the B71 and on Union Street and 8th Ave these buses rarely have more than 10 people on them.  (Thaks, Ben  Kabak at 2nd Ave Sagas for the maps, you do a better job than the MTA at explaining things).

Click the maps to enlarge.

The B69 is going to be moved from 8th Ave (North) and Prospect Park West (South) to 7th Ave (Both ways).  This is great.  
  • The B67 on 7th Ave could use the help.  It is always packed.  It passes Methodist Hospital, John Jay HS and lots of retail.  It also goes to the F/G Train at 9th St and the B/Q train at Flatbush Ave.
  • The removal of the bus stops on 8th Ave and PPW will appease the winers who are always complaining about the lack of parking in Park Slope
  • The buses are actually part of the gridlock problem often facing the intersection of 8th Ave and Union St.
Also the B71 is often empty when it passes 8th Ave.

I am sorry FoxNews,  it is not so bad.  I think this route adjustment was meant to be


  1. The B67 will not be helped. What you fail to realize is that service on the B67 will be cut in half. So now you will have to take whichever bus comes first, the B67 or the B69 unless you want to wait 20 minutes to a half hour for the next B67, if you miss one. Good luck on the longer trip to Fushing Avenue and walking from Sands Street to Downtown Brooklyn.

  2. I did not realized that the B67 would be cut. It does a lot more than go back and forth on 7th Ave. Not good.


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