Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some things I saw today; Bridges, Trains and Cars

First, I saw a big hairy construction working buying  flowers near Borough Hall.  I also like the Manhattan Bridge over his shoulder.

Then I walked to Smith Street and Carroll and waited for the train.  That is the Verrazano Bridge and the F Train.

And woopdy doo.  The old license plates are back / the new license plates are here.


  1. The whole license plate thing ticks me off! they look the ones we had years ago, that they made us give up for the liberty ones. Now they bring these back????

    how much did this cost the state that supposedly is so broke they have to fine their citizens for everything in the world???

  2. I like the "big hairy construction worker" buying flowers. :)

  3. I love following blogs of NY runners. You guys have a unique experience. It's a compliment:)

    Can't wait to go read some of your race reports!

  4. love it teh first one..congrats

  5. I agree with Hilda, I also like the big hairy
    construction worker buying flowers

  6. I like the new "old" orange and black license plates.


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