Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, What are we gonna do with all those old bus stops.

In my neighborhood we are moving some bus routes and losing one.  It looks like a done deal.  There might be an upside to this.  MORE PARKING.  But there is never gonna be enough parking in Park Slope, so why just add more spots.

On my corner alone we will lose 3 bus stops.  The B71 is going away and the B69 is moving to 7th Ave

I say add Premium Parking. Yea,  We can put those fancy MuniMeters at the old bus stops and charge reasonable rates to store you personal property on public land.  By reasonable, I mean $5 an hour during the day and $2 an hour overnight.

All the MuniMeters on 7th Ave are being used up by the shopkeepers "feeding the meter" all day.  $1 an hour is like free.  Maybe $5 an hour will keep them open for someone who wants to shop.

If ya gotta drop off you kids in Prospect Park for that picnic there are now 3 or 4 spots every 3 or 4 blocks along Prospect Park West.  So you can't blame the new bike lane that you can't double park any more.

No more whining that you can't find a spot.  Just shut up and pay.


  1. They feed the meters? wow! Where I grew up? I used to go to a hair salon and the women would be in having their hairs permed and styled and under the blowers, and next thing you know, one of the stylists or hair sweepers would walk by and say "anyone's meter up?" and take everyone's quarters and dimes (it was still cheap then).

    So one day the girl came back with a Ticket! the meter maid( intern for the local police) came by as she was plugging in the coins and fined the hair sweeper for "interfering" ugh! Power trip much? I didn't hear what happened after that because my perm was done! :P

  2. Kyooty. Feeding the meters is a violation of the 1 hour limit. It is harder to enforce than just making people pay.

  3. Those muni-meters ain't cheap, and require maintenance. installing one to service one spot - even at astronomical rates that no one will pay because at that price, they will definitely circle for a free side-street spot - is a negative in all senses. It would cost money, and prevent the space being used for anything else, like a bulb, bike corral, green area, bioswale, whatever.

  4. No, it is one spot for a bus, 3 or 4 for a car. MANY bus stops are going away. They can be lots of things. Some can be premium parking.

  5. OK I never realized that you comment back later? I don't usually revisit the post. Today I was a bit, Ok I'm trying to avoid helping my kids with their homework... and making supper, and well a few other things. I can understand that NY needs a lot of quick service meters because well people would just leave their cars there all day or all night vs paying for a parking spot. I don't though understand why they would try to enforce this idea in a place where you are going in for a 3hour long service, to a place that pays commercial taxes? This way of doing things limits the number of customers that would pay or come into town for a 3hour service. Typically 3hour or more service cost more because they take away from the ability to do frequent quick service customers. You could fit about say 6 30minute haircuts in that chair or the 3hour perm. The perm you might be able to fit 2-3 inbetween settings. Where I'm originally from? there is no clamour for fewer spaces. The only thing your clamouring for is a 5step walk to the door vs a 10minute walk to the door?

    I think if the business owner wants to look at feeding the meters as a cost of doing business, like buying a parking spot? they should be allowed. The city wont get more $$ for that spot, it all evens out. 1.oo per hour is still only 24hours a day.

  6. Kyooty, 10 minutes is a long walk to the front door of my building at 4am. Sometimes there is NO legal parking within 10 blocks. I would pay $10 to park within a block of my house. Sometimes.


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