Thursday, July 1, 2010


I grabbed a couple of extra kids and had some extra fun. We took the subway to York St, through some stones into the East River, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, played the piano in City Hall Park, had ice cream in Washington Market Park, played in Governor Nelson A Rockefeller Park and got extra dirty in Tear Drop Park. We were gonna go on a round trip on the Staten Island Ferry but we ran out of both steam and time (duh). It was a day kinda like this.

But I want to talk about lunch. We went back to Jerry's Cafe on Chambers Street and I wanna tell you why. (Thank you Tribeca Taste, for the Photo.)

We coulda had Pizza, or any nationally franchised fast food joint, but that would not have been what we needed. We needed
more than fast food, we needed a break, a civilized break.

For starters, at Jerry's Cafe the kids got to use a clean bathroom, all sit at one table and have water in glasses brought to us. Fast food
places do not offer tables for 5, the likelihood of their crapper being usable is random at best and if you want anything but a mega sugar-water drink you get a dirty look and a 4 oz cup.

We also got to sit, nobody rushed us out. At Jerry's Cafe enjoying a lunch is not considered Loitering. (Thanks for the photo Free Refills at The Consumerist) We needed that hour of off-feet time. So the meal cost like twice as much as a Happy Meal, but we got to sit and enjoy it for an hour and a half. So I think we got our money's worth.

We also ate good, freshly prepared FOOD, not the processed food product that comes with a plastic toy in McDonald's. We got enough plastic toys in my house. And by the way, BP doesn't just make gasoline, they make plastic toys.

So thanks Jerry's Cafe, hope to see you again soon.

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  1. That sounds great. I think many people wouldn't have put that much thought into the experience. We have a motto down here in Austin, TX. "Keep Austin Weird." While at face value, it appears to be just another kooky thing we say (or plaster on every bumper sticker and t-shirt we can get our hands on) it actually is a business motto. It means Support Local Business, not the chains. Weird and Local do go hand in hand. So, maybe it could be Keep Brooklyn Real?


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