Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DDC Day V, Double Feature

It was over a hundred degrees yesterday so we went to a double feature. First we saw the totally forgettably remake of Karate Kid. Then we spend $5.50 on a small popcorn and saw the newest colorized, animated, 3D version of It is a Wonderful Life AKA Shreck Forever After.

Going to the movies in the AMC Empire 25 in Time's Square is a somewhat unique experience. First, we got totally lost looking for the room that Shreck was playing in and after wondering the vast hallways of this giant theater we found someone who actually helped us sneak in.

But when we left the movies the fun began. There was a massive police p
resence on 42nd St. At first I thought it was some political protest or som
e dignitary was going to drive by. No, it was for the premiere of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. So, I talk out my handy camera and hold it up and act all paparazzish because Nicolas Cage is walking right past me. Just as I start clicking some ape in a monkey suit pushes my hand down.

I did not matter because my camera was still in Fireworks mode.

Below is the photo I took of my buddy Nic Cage.

Because my camera was still in fireworks mode from taking this photo. (far right), and on the left is what I saw with eyes. Croped from


  1. God forbid you take a picture of a (now 2nd rate) actor who is in the middle of Times Square at his movie opening. You might have invaded his privacy or something.

  2. Hay, I like his work. It is all the same, but I like it.


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