Monday, July 19, 2010

DDC Day X; When you are in Madison Square Park You Gotta Look Up.

First, we walked in and my daughter noticed a squirrel nest. This city-boy had no idea they made nests. It also reminded me that about 25 years ago I was traveling with my (not yet) wife (of now 19 years) and I saw a small rodent in the woods. I said look at the cute baby squirrel. She said that is a chipmunk, schmuck.

Then we playground had some water. And above the water was the Met Life Building. It is in the trees, but it is there...

To the South of the park is the Flatiron Building. My son did not know why it was called that. It was because he was unfamiliar with what what an iron looks like. Can you see the man standing of the roof of the building? It is part of a public art program called Event Horizon. Check out their website. Lots of men looking down.

To the North of the Park is this great view.

But most parks have some sort of bathroom or at least a porta pottie.. Madison Square does not. It has a pay toilet. A new fanged self cleaning booth.

Ick, self cleaning after every use. I ain't so worried about the last person. Just another human being.

But I did like the sign inside.

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  1. That sign's hilarious!

    I didn't know squirrels made nests either. People on the Flatiron as art — sounds strange. Your son's point about its name made me cringe a bit (because it shows my age). I wonder how long before no one remembers what it's named for.


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