Thursday, July 29, 2010

East and North

1,250 miles and about 20 passes under the EZPass sign. Brooklyn -> Bar Harbor -> Mt Washington -> Brooklyn.

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The trip did not begin uneventfully. We left Brooklyn at 5am and from Stamford to New Haven we were driving directly into the rising sun. Just thinking about it makes me see spots again. Glad that is literally behind us. But we made it all the way to Massachusetts without stopping and had breakfast in a Cracker Barrel. Apparently there are 588 Cracker Barrels across the United States and none them are within 100 miles of NYC. From afar the the Cracker Barrel looked like a restaurant, but when we got there I thought it was a rocking chair store. It was both.

They serve "fruit" with breakfast. However, it was all fried. No wonder America has an obesity problem.

We made it to Bar Harbor without any more excitement and checked into the Bar Harbor Grand. I chose that hotel because it was in town, had a pool and offered two bedroom suites. The staff was wonderful and if I win the lottery we will go back there again. We spent most of our 3 days on Mt Desert Island in Acadia National Park.

This was the view from the dinner table for our fist meal in Bar Harbor at Stewman's Lobster Pound. I didn't know till we got home but 4 days earlier President Obama and his family ate there too. Our most expensive meal, but who is paying for food when you can have that view when you eat it.

Speaking of dinner and views, below is the view from our hotel window. We can see the restaurant where Barak and Michell Obama had dinner. According to news reports they had a "Date Night" dinner at Havana. My wive and I wold have had dinner there too if we had a staff to watch our kids.

We in Acadia, we went to the top of Cadillac Mountain (I had run up there that morning)

We hiked to the top of Gorham Mountain
We swam in Sand Beach, where the Gulf Stream does not go, it was the frigging Arctic Stream
and we returned to the top of Cadillac Mountain in the fog and we played mine golf. It was kinda funny to read this sign after being in all that reality. Speaking of reality, we could not go on our planned whale watch because of "high seas". Good thing, I would have puked my brains out.Then we drove West to North Conway New Hampshire. In order to avoid fast food we often get to eat great food. I never enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich as much as I did at the Bear Bonz BBQ in Naples Maine. We stayed at the Red Jacked Mountain View Resort because they have an on-site WATER PARK! It was surprisingly lot crowded, considering the public can spend the day there for only $20. Whatever, move fun for us.
Then to the Top of Mount Washington
The wind was calm that day only sustained at 45 mph.
The we drove home


The end


  1. It looks like a great trip, beautiful pictures!!

  2. Fun, beautiful, I'm jealous! My family is from Maine and I'm definitely going to try the Mt. Desert Island Marathon eventually. Glad you enjoyed it!


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