Monday, July 12, 2010

I've Been Beed

I have been helping my Mother-in-law with her garden. It is a little backyard Brooklyn thing, about 20 x 20 feet. Most of it is self sustaining. Things get planted and they grow. Most of it is nice. The names of things are a mystery to me. They are just plants to me.

But the big problem is the weeds growing out of the neighbors backyard. The neighbor has a garage in their backyard and behind the garage there is a 15 inch gap separating it from her property (and her tall wooden fence). The neighbor can not see this gap and really does not have access to it.

So I have to climb over the fence and prune and poison these giant weeds. 

I was almost done pruning and poisoning when I swooshed a bee away from my face.  Then I thought the rose bush came up and attacked me. But it was not.

A gazillion bees were all around me and they all seamed to be biting my legs.  (Thanks for the photo  I never knew if I was allergic or not because I never knew if I was bit by a bee before.

I just gotta say, bees are really good at making you go away when they want to.

Now I know two things.  First, I was never bit by a bee before, because the HEART A LOT, a lot more than a mosquito.  Second, I am not allergic, because if I was I would not be typing now.  But, I spent the next few hours waiting to go into some kind of shock.

So an hour later we even went out to lunch.  I suddenly felt some felt something sticking me under my sock.  Both my kids watched as a bee flew out of my sock in the diner.


  1. Oh, are you lucky! Once I was stung by 12 bees as a teen and everywhere my skin was swelling up! Can't remember what med. I got, but I still remember this after more than several decades!!

  2. I was vaguely thinking that I would like to keep bees on my veggie plot but I really don't think so now, wouldn't mind the honey though.

  3. Stung, city boy! It's the hind end that does the damage, not the mouth.

    Seriously, I'm sorry that happened to you. As a graduate of the yellow jacket wasp (check and see if it wasn't these little nasties that stung you, rather than a bee) school of insects with stingers, I know all too well how much they hurt.

    Cold compresses will help relieve any pain or itching you may get as the stings heal.

  4. Most times an allergy dose not happen until the second occurrence. The second time you eat a food or get a bee bite.

  5. Thanks people, 20 hours later and I am just itchy.

    and thanks Dad, another reason to live in fear.

  6. I thougt the article was really interesting. Esspecially since I was stung pulling weeds recently as well. you were really lucky you aren't allergic.


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