Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DDC Day XIII, Not so fun.

Well it was not a day sitting around the house, but we got a late start and I had to be home early so I went to Time Out New York Kids.  That has always been a mistake.  I found and event that looked fun at Carl Schultz Park called Dino-Fest.  It said all ages, but honestly is was for kids half my kids age.

Also, I don't want to sound judgmental (but I am) but, people make fun of Park Slope parents.  I don't know... but got an issue with uppereastsiders.  Nannies, Grannies and lots of people who look like they never worked a day in there life.  Not stay at home parents, but women who looked like they majored in Pre-Wed and attained an MRS degree.  I did not feel like talkin to anyone.

I am honestly thinking about getting a job next summer just so I could send my kids to camp.


  1. ha, pre-Wed.

    Don't get me started on the sense of entitlement. I see it everyday in my job. Oy.

  2. In the old days, women like my mom who majored in "pre-wed" learned things like cooking and sewing. These ladies wouldn't endanger the manicure.

  3. When we say "all ages" we mean it's appropriate for all ages. Which it clearly was. Sorry your kids didn't find it engaging, but that's no reason to hate. We read all the comments personally you know, and we do our best to steer parents in the right direction.



    Raven Snook
    Senior Editor, Online | Time Out New York Kids
    475 Tenth Ave. 12 Fl.
    New York NY 10018
    646-432-3071 | rsnook@timeoutny.com

  4. Appropriate for all ages, no. It would not be appropriate for a 25 year old and it was not for 10 year olds. It was a baby party.

    It was not the first time TONY Kids steered me in the wrong direction. The last time you steered me to a bunch of Chelsea art galleries that was closed for installations when your publication was still on the newsstands.


    Hate was deleting my comments then and now.

  5. Several of my friends went to college and got their MRS degrees but I never realized they were pre-wed students too! That was a great line!

  6. When I was a freshman I actually met a girl who told me that she studied in the law school library because her mother told her to. She obviously wasn't putting out her bait for me.

    She got her MRS degree in only two years.


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