Monday, August 9, 2010

DDC Day XII, PS 1 is open on Mondays.

So we jumped on the G train and went. But most of the art went over my kid's heads. Literally.
Before you even officially entered the museum the kids got to play with some giant balls that were in and out of a net suspended over their heads. But I should have know we were in for an adult experience because the place stunk like rotten beer. There were beer taps everywhere. I was sure they were not part of the artist's plan.

Inside the kids liked the art that had an Elmo puppet as part of it. They did not notice the boob.

Then they actually helped with the creation of art. They were helping Robbinschilds. It went over my head, but the kids had fun pressing buttons.
I don't want any one to say I disapproved of any of the art at PS 1. I believe that if anyone thinks an object is art then it is. It does not have to be art to me to be art. But I am glad my kids did not ask me to explain the impossible-homo-erotic stuff that was not even behind this sign.

I will go back by myself to check it out.

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  1. I really do think kids wait for their parents reaction to judge shock value. Kinda like ignoring an F Bomb during a movie helps it go unnoticed. I'm just not sure what the cut off point for "don't make it a big deal" ends and "we need to talk about this" begins.


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