Thursday, August 5, 2010

Up on da Roof.

At the recommendation of another local blogger (Kitty at New York Portraits), I took my son to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the sole purpose of checking out Doug and Mike Starn's Big Bambu. It was really nice.

But the best thing about the MET is the Stuff that has been hanging on the walls for years.

The boy even liked Water Lilies.

We sat down and took it in. I explained to him the definition of priceless.... If I were to win the lottery and had unlimited money, I could not buy that. Not for any amount of money.

Nice for the frogs, not for the flies.


  1. Hi Chicken!
    I'm glad you went. I really like the first photo, how the view is framed.

    You know, every time I visit the Met, I'm astonished by what I see. This time I walked by the Roman statues. The lighting in there is incredible.

    Your son has good taste!

  2. Thanks, Kitty, but I had to drag him out of the "Armor" exhibit.


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