Friday, September 24, 2010

After the Storm

Been a bit late in posting this because the cable from my camera to the computer died.  But here are two photos of my courtyard that I took the morning after the tornado passed over my house.

The courtyard is always a wind tunnel, it is really the area between two 6 story buildings and a 13 story building.

This plant blew over

and these actually blew out of their pots.

According the the National Weather The latitude and longitude of the start point and end point are: 

Start: 40.67 N / 73.99 W 
End: 40.69 N / 73.96 W 

Google maps will allow you to plot those points like this.  The purple line is driving directions and it is mostly the path of destruction.  I live by by dot that says Brooklyn Public Library.

It was really scary.  I spoke to many people who were outside or in a car.  The words "fear of death" were repeated often.

I spoke to people who live in South Fla who said "Oh, yea.  Now you know what we go through all the time."  NO, you don't have a hurricane all the time, and when one actually comes you have a few days notice and you are not gonna be in a park full of 150 year old oaks and maples.

I feel a little better now.

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And then there was this...................Don't watch if you are eating.


  1. Amazing! I read somewhere that Brooklyn is the new "Tornado Alley" - seriously scary stuff.

    Alberta, Canada

  2. This will all be TOTALLY gone by November, right??

  3. Meg, this is NYC. In six weeks there will be 6 more disasters that are forgotten about.


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