Sunday, September 26, 2010

Under the El and in a trench in Bensenhurst

I was not the first to notice, not much wedding stuff left now.

Later that day I was back in Bensenhurst actually on a different subway line.  You would not know that that is Twentieth Ave.  Imigian if that kind of corrosion would show in Times's Square, what would the tourist say?


  1. An interesting post. Of course, I like the first picture best: must be a female thing, liking wedding stuff.

    Alberta, Canada

  2. I was in NY recently and I saw both the fashionable and the not so fashionable places. I did not however have time to see more than parts of Manhattan. Interesting to see your photos.

  3. ah you're in my neighborhood, or, umm.. the neighborhood i pay rent for, but am barely there 'cause it's to far away. oh and I love that about being there: all the stations aren't renovated, and I feel all nostalgic youthy like it was the 90's again.

    and 86th street under the d train reminds me of an older east village, ala Delancey street, or 14th street. new utrecht is pretty cool too, it seems that all the old world charm is out here now.


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