Thursday, October 21, 2010

I feel good about this morning

The anti-bike lane people planned a protest of the new bike lane on Prospect Park West.  So I attended the counter demonstration planed by the pro-bike lane people.

There were about 300 of "us",  25 cops, 50 people from the media and 25 of "them"

I feel bad for the anti-bike lane people.  They say they do not feel safe with the bike lane there.  They are entitled to their feelings but I want them to feel safe because they are safer.  To cross Prospect Park West they have to only cross two lanes of cars (that are going slower) and then the bike lane.  Before they get to the bike lane there is a 2 to 5 foot wide area they can wait to see if there are any bikes coming.  When it is safe they can cross.  This is not scary.

They also say that ALL bikers NEVER stop at red lights.  Really, they used the words ALL and NEVER.  Well that is not true.  I usually stop at most lights.  Anyway, If if were true their problem would be with bikers not the bike lane.

Also, some of the anti-bike lane protesters did not understand the law.  A blinking yellow light and a sign that says "Yield" does not mean a biker has to stop if there is not pedestrians in the crosswalk.

I honestly think the anti-bike lane people are as about as close to the Tea Party as you can get in Park Slope. And they got Marty Markowitz on their side. Forgetaboutit.


  1. "I usually stop at most lights."

    Usually? FAIL.

    You are only proving their point.

  2. I have to sort of agree with one thing, about 98% of bikers I see around here never stop at red lights, i am fine with them sharing the roads with cars, I bike too, but, if you want to do that, then obey the rules of the road!

  3. Can't we all just get along? So these anti-bike lane people don't mind the cars but are worried about bikes? Wow. If ALL bikes NEVER stop, then one can plan accordingly.

  4. I can't believe how many people are biking and walking and, well, are everywhere! As a driver I would be definitely on the lookout.

    Our bikers have all the same rights as cars and travel down the middle of the road. Some are considerate, but as each year goes by it seems we have more and more rude bikers. They intentionally hold up traffic, ride several abreast and apparently while having the same rights as a car they easily jump to being a pedestrian when they don't want to wait for the red light. I honestly can't believe more aren't hit as the zigzag around traffic.

    Looks to me like a very nice bike lane and the drivers should be thankful to have the bikes out of the road. (We have bike paths, but the bikers won't use them and the law doesn't require them to).

  5. No Anonymous. I am not gonna lie. I am not gonna say I never double park either.

    and now that I think about it the last time I ran the red lights was when I was rushing home because a tornado was about to slam me. I think the cars were running the red too.

  6. Yes, I have to agree with Anonymous, "I usually stop at most lights" is not a point in your favor. LOL
    Although the tornado might be a good excuse.
    Seriously, however, I can't imagine why people would rather have bicycles on the road amongst the cars instead of in a designated bike lane. Counterintuitive, I'd say.

  7. The bike lanes make things safer for both cyclists and drivers. Period. Going a step further to the law we have here in Colorado, requiring that motor vehicles give bikes a three foot minimum on the roads makes the situation even better for all involved. I don't understand the anti-bike sentiments-you have to keep your eyes peeled for other cars, animals, people, etc., so what's the big deal about being alert to cyclists who are allowed to be on the road?

  8. I wish our bike lanes were that nice! we only have 1 single lane on each side of the roads. Some roads here don't have paved shoulders. They have a lovely white line painted on the rocks where the salt and sand and snow plows have scraped the pavement away from the sides though. My hubbie used to bike daily to work from April-November, but then the threat of Car and Bad potholes put an end to that. Our "green" city has some ungreen issues.

  9. BTW if it's a right turn you are making on that red... safely? well you have that right don't you? (unless signage says something else? )

  10. Kyooty

    In NYC rights are not permitted on red. We got enough problems.

  11. I can't understand how anyone could be against bike lanes. That's like saying, no automobile lanes, or no pedestrian sidewalks. As a cyclist living in the Netherlands, I enjoy riding on dedicated bike lanes with their own traffic lights. Every road has a bike lane - most pathways are separated from traffic. And cyclists always have the right of way, even when they're breaking a rule. Which of course rarely happens..... :>)


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