Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My kids are learning about the US history in school

Concepts like Separation of Powers, the three fifths compromise, The Bill of Rights and how a bill becomes a law.

The know that if a majority of both houses of congress vote yes and the President signs it, a Bill becomes a Law.  Watch the hole video, it ends with...."Congressman: He signed you, Bill! Now you're a law!

So, my fifth graders know the difference between a Bill and a Law (I just asked them, they know the difference).

But not the Tea-Party candidate running for Congress in the district I grew up in.  Bob Turner is running against incumbent Anthony Wiener.  He said "The reason I am running is to replace an out-of-touch liar and career politician [Anthony Wiener]".

From Turner's website.

I am not going to start picking apart the "facts" that Turner uses.  Like that White Castle is gonna make less money because it has to provide health insurance to its underpaid workers.

But there is one thing is I will say.  If you are going to criticize you opponent for being a "career politician" you should at least know the difference between a BILL and a LAW.  Schmuck!

I think we deserve a congressman that is smarter than a fifth grader.  He is not even cute.


  1. There are a lot of brain-dead politicians in the world, but sometimes it seems North America has the most.

  2. anthony weiner's chancrs of losing are the same as the chances that my son's little league baseball team would beat tthe yankees. Running against him is a waste of time and money-- only a nut-job would do it. And it seems that a nut job is doing it.


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