Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smoked Rings; Seafood Jerky

Maybe it is not bad, maybe

Yummy, I ate all but one. They all looked like this one.

If you Google "Smoked Rings" you can find a description of the product.  Click here or look below.
It is actually made in a country called Brooklyn.

Country of origin:Brooklyn
Main Market of Calamari Seafood Jerky (100g):
Product details of Calamari Seafood Jerky (100g):
Calamari Seafood Jerky (100g)
Calamari Seafood Jerky (100g)

Excellent delicacy, traditional Asian and European BEER snack!
Or Just a Great Snack for the Whole Family !
"Calamari - Squid Dried" (100g)
Available in USA.
Squid Dried excellent delicacy, traditional Asian and European BEER snack! It is enormously valuable albuminous product very salutary for health. In terms of albumin and B6 and PP vitamins content exceeds fish and animal meat. There is no deep processing, and thus the product retains all the nutrients and natural inartificial color of Pacific Ocean squid.
Manufactured from ecologically pure sea squid fished in Pacific Ocean. Soft squid carcasses are used for processing. Our Squid possesses soft, velvet structure. With the implementation of original production technologies the Squid Dried features exceptional white color and exclusive thin carving ensuring its distinctive, soft and dainty taste Enjoy with your favorite BEER!!!
We keep under careful control both the quality of the raw material and the final product. So you can always be certain of its unique taste features.

Product Details:
Processing Type: Colored
Style: Jerky
Type: Seafood Snacks
Texture: Soft


  1. Sounded like calamari when I first started reading. Yep. Can be delicious if done right. Calamari in a bag I'm not so sure about. Will have to check out the local Mexican store, they might have them.

    Kay, Alberta

  2. When I Google "smoke rings," Google tells me how to blow smoke rings with cigarette smoke. But when I Google "smoked rings" your blog comes up second!


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