Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Mom came to town

We had a nice visit from my mom this weekend.  She came up for my cousin's wedding and then we enjoyed a few days of fun.

She lives in seasonless flat South Florida so I figured she would enjoy some Fall foliage.  Alas, she was a little early in the season to see the trees turning colors in Brooklyn, so we drove North.  We went to Bear Montain in Harriman State Park .  Yea, she doesn't get snow, but she does not have this either.....

My camera is inadequate for this task, but the Manhattan skyline is just to the left of the bush that is peaking over the horizon.  At first my Mom did not understand why we should dive 140 miles just to look at some trees.  Then she did.

The next day the kids went back to school and my mom had a much more ambitious plan.  One of her close friends was presenting a cooking class at De Gustibus.  So I enjoyed an over-my-head presentation on how to cook kosher gourmet meat.  It was like being in the room for the  Rachel Ray Show without the cameras.  It did not kill me and now I know why you have to let meat "rest" before you slice it and I also know what rich people do in the afternoons.

My Mom is a beader.  So whatdoyouknow, NYC has a bead district and it is around the corner from Macy's (where De Gustibus is located).  Taking my Mom to a bead store is about as much fun as taking my MIL and her cats to the vet.  But at least it did not smell and they offered me a chair.

Anyway, I am gonna submit this sign to


  1. Very funny. You have WAAAY more patience with your mother than I with mine.

  2. Yes, you should always let meat rest before slicing it!

    And, you were a good son, glad your Mom had a fun time!

  3. Great post. I laughed and laughed about taking your mom to the bead store being as much fun as taking your mother-in-law and her cats to the vet.
    And I like the sign, too. My husband brought home a photo of a sign that said "Pay-at-pump Borken" which we both enjoyed.
    Nice fall colors, worth the 140 mile ride. Even better to see right here on my own computer.

    Kay, Alberta

  4. The husband waiting area should be available at all stores!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful memories.
    You really are a great son. xo


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