Monday, November 22, 2010

Course Walk

Yesterday my kids competed in the USATF Junior Olympic Region 1 Cross Country Championship in Burrillville Middle School, Burrillville RI.  Yea, New England.  It seams that Region 1 is all of New England and New York City.  So we got a little culture shock and drove out to Providence RI.

Providence is almost a dreary as Albany
The kids always like staying in Hotels.  We even had a view of the State House.

It was also kinda weird to go to the side of the race, another middle school.  In the past month we have visited 5 middle schools here in Brooklyn.  NONE  LOOK LIKE THIS.

The footprint of the playground covered more ground that most schools in Brooklyn.  I am sure these Rhode Island Kids will be fine without having to climb 3 or 5 stories to get to class.

But we don't have this behind any middle schools in Brooklyn.

This is where is stood to cheer on the youths.

We had two horrible meals in tourist class restaurants in Providence.  One where there took our lunch order at 11:30 but did not bring us any food till 12:15 because the kitchen did not open till Noon (Snookers).  The other was just crowded because it was there.(Angelo's).   We went with like 20 people from the team and got randomly seated around the restaurant. That was kinda fun, each of our kids got to sit with their friends and my wife and I got to sit at a grown up table.   After the race we had lunch in Parent's Restaurant. It was not the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building on their sign that compelled us to eat there.  It was the ONLY restaurant for miles.  I don't think they need another one, fast friendly service and tasty food.

Anyway, we showed up the day before the race so we could check out the site.  I got a little separated from the team and I asked a guy with a USATF jacket on where the course walk was starting.  Without looking up from his clipboard he said, "Follow me, and by the way, what part of Brooklyn are you from?"


  1. Culture shock. LOL
    That's how I feel in NYC.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Kay, lemme know when you are comming to town.


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