Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not just another NYC Marathon Expo

First I gotta talk about my son.  He in not such a completive kid.  He actually prefers to not play games where there is a winner and a loser.  That is OK.  It is also not a problem that he is on a cross country track team.  He is like me.  We both like being on a track teams because all you have to do is to your best.  It is no big deal if you don't "win".

But last week's race was a qualifier. Only those who qualified get to run in the regional championships.  I told him just to do his best.  "But what if I don't want to go to the next race", he said.  I thought he was going to ditch the race so he would not have to face losing.

This did not happen.  He ran his best and I got the email this morning that he qualified.  He fell to his 10 year old knees and wept.  Victory is sweet, I hope he gets used to it.  Or not.

Anyway.  This was my 19th NYC Marathon Expo and the NYRR decided to honor those who have completed 15 or more marathons with a singlet.  Do I look honored.  There I am holding it up.  That is the back.  I was not sure what to where on Sunday.  This new thing that they gave me or the uniform of the Prospect Park Track Club.  The organization that I happen to be a board member of and the Chair of the Membership Committee.  No more issues.  I can cut out the words on the singlet they gave me and pin it to the back of my PPTC singlet.  Thanks for the photo Rundangerously.

The expo was not so different than any other expo.

Gatorade was making it much to complicated

Poland Spring wants you to recycle.  We should just keep them out of the cycle.  Over a million cups of water have to be trucked from Maine to NYC and then the plastic bottles might be recycled.  Don't get me started.

And then they have to display the medals.  I took this picture with out looking.
Don't look if you are gonna run the race. BAD KARMA.  Like looking at the bride before the wedding.

and look there I am beating out my buddy Meb.....


  1. Made me laugh, "like looking at the bride before the wedding"! So, did you post it to your blog without looking, too? LOL
    Wonderful about your son. I'm so pleased. Qualifying for anything can be such a big deal because of the inherent negativity of words like "unqualified" or "disqualified" or even "did not qualify" and some of that may have been lurking in his subconscious.
    Sounds like you've got great kids. Good for you and for them!!
    -- Kay

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Not only did you beat Meb, but you smacked in the face while doing so. Good job! :-)

    I'm glad you figured out what to do with the singlet. That seems like a pretty simple solution for Sunday.

    See you then!

  3. I cannot believe it, that you have
    run so many marathons that's let me wish
    you good luck in this marathon..

  4. 19!?! I'll be on Lafayette and Vanderbilt looking for you. Have fun!

  5. that is incredible. Have you run 19 marathons??!


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