Saturday, November 13, 2010

Very Good, But Not Great

We went to the little Mennetta Lane Theatre to see The Flying Karamazov Brothers.

First, I have to say, THE KIDS LOVED IT.  OK, I got that out.

But I was a little disappointed, The New York Times raved, NY 1 loved it.  They even appeared on Letterman.  

But me not so much.  They did not seam to brothers, more like actors who can juggle that just met.  Also as a cast they did not seam to be very different.  As if the first Saturday Night Live cast were all Chevy Chase.  Not so funny with out Bill Murry and Dan Aykroyd.

This show reminded me of a juggler that I saw when my (not yet) wife and I were checking out the (then new) South Street Seaport.   Now the South Street Seaport is just a place to put extra tourists when Times Square gets full.  I digress.....

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon back in the early 1980s we saw this guy that was an amazing juggler.  He blew our minds.  He was the best busker I have ever seen.  People could not give him enough cash.

But he was not just doing this for loose change, It was a rehearsal.  That night this is what I saw on Live From New York, It's Saturday Night.

In fact is was October 3, 1981.  It was Michael Davis.  That took a bit of goggling.....


  1. William loved it, he said he thought the show was great!!! it seemed like the other kids liked it also, I guess you are just too old to appreciate stuff like this anymore, LOL!

    By the way, you looked exhausted tonight! Was it just you and Helen with all the kids all day? OY!!!

  2. I said the kids loved it. and yes I am a snob.

    and by the time you saw me I was very drunk.

  3. That was you very drunk? you seemed a bit drunk, your eyes were a tad closed, but, very drunk? nah! lol

  4. Oh well, drunk will do it every time. Make your friends think you are ill.

  5. What did audience members bring for them to juggle? When I went I brought a pie-pan fill of seafood paella, which the audience selected, of course. That was the highlight of the evening for me.

  6. David, there was a whiffle ball bat and a two oz container of Jello. I was gonna ball up my sweatshirt and give it to them but when I saw the Jello I kept it.


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