Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spent the whole day in The Boogie Down Bronx (2 ohs) (Uptate)

My kids had their final regular meet of the cross country season today in Van Cortland Park.  It is lovely.
Just lovely.  And today I did not have to stand around.  The race was a 4 x 1 mile relay, and one of the runners had to be a grown up.  When I get my our splits, I will update this and let you all know if my kids can bang out a mile faster than their old man.  Yes, I ran 26.2 just 7 days ago, but I ran as had as I could.  Tune in later for the results.  The both beat me.

But, I just remembered something that accrued to me while waiting for The Marathon to start last week.  Both my kids said they want to run it with me when they are old enough.  However, when they are old enough I will not be able to keep up with them.

After the race we kinda meandered around the Bronx looking for a place to eat that was not fast crap or pizza.  We really lucked out, we found Pete's Cafe on Fordham Rd.  Yea, as soon as I walked in I knew we hit the jackpot.  When there are photos of family surrounding the cash registrar you know you are in the opposite of McDonald's.  The food and service was EXACTLY what I wanted after 3 hours of on my feet with the kids, but the most wonderful thing happened when we ordered desert.   (Thanks for the photo, BoogieDowner.)

The kids got desert with their meal.  They were out of chocolate pudding but had fresh rice pudding.  I tried to tell my kids how good FRESH, WARM rice pudding is.  But, alas, my kids wanted ice cream.  When the waitress brought them their ice cream she place a bowl of FRESH, WARM rice pudding in front of me.  "No charge, a bonus for you."  Better than any raise I ever got.

Then off to the Bronx Zoo, we were not interested in seeing any animals but we were there to see a movie.  They were showing a short version of The Polar Express in their 4D theater.  It was nice.  Real foam and bubbles blowing around and wind when it was windy.

But, it brings in revenue

Nice but a movie theater in  a zoo is not so good.  They actually tore down a playground so they could build the movie theater.  Kids need some ACTIVE entrainment when they go to a zoo.  Otherwise all they are doing is LOOKING at animals.  The playground gave them something to do, a chance to burn off some energy.  Looking a a screen, no matter how many Ds it comes with is just another passive activity.

On the way out we did stop and see an animal.

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  1. Good stuff. Like my spouse, a mere 26.2-mile race will not keep you from grinding out more miles a few days later.

    Nice post.


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