Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brooklyn Flea. Wow!

Never mind all the beautiful people selling beautiful things at Brooklyn Flea.  I was excited about the location; The lobby of the Williamsburg Savings Bank.  To the right is a photo I posted last month.  It is mile 7.5 of the NYC Marathon.  Above the lobby is is residential now.  But back in the '70 it was ALL dental offices.  I had my braces installed there.

When I was like 12 my family got a card from an orthodontist saying that their children were qualified to get free braces.  It would be 100% covered by insurance.  I thought my teeth were fine, but it was free.  So, I sat in the chair from HELL and the dentist said that we would even be reimbursed more than we had to pay.  I was fucked.  As soon as I was old enough to have my own free will I took a pliers and extracted those metal bands from my head.

I had never went into the lobby of the building. Back then it was actually a bank.  Today I did.

My puny camera could only take this photo of the mural on the wall.  (left) The place was packed and I had no light so that is the best I could do.

   A quick scan around the Google helped me find this.  Thank you Dan Bernstein (An Englishman in New York)

I coulda bought this....

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  1. When I visited Brooklyn Flea, they had food markets set up in the basement. The basement is cool because it used to be the vault, and still has the massive vault door. Definitely worth checking out next time you're there.


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